Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting Creative with Liquid Glass!

Use to attach page elements (especially good with clear items): metals, vellum (note: it can show through a little bit), transparencies, fibers, flowers, plastic embellishments, stickers that have lost their stick…etc…

Cover the top of a bigger brad and then dip it in Prisma glitter. This gives you a glittery brad.

Use to add any kind of water effect to a page: bubbles, water droplets, or just to make something look wet.

If you have a dull metal object you can make it look shiny again by adding a thin layer of glaze.

Use to highlight designs on patterned paper (ex: flowers, vines, or even geometric figures)

Use on photo to make an object stand out.

Use on stickers to give them dimension.

Add some ink to change the color and it gives it a stained glass look.

Use it with micro beads.

Make clear epoxy type stickers with it.

Use it to put "dew drops" on paper flowers.

Fill conchos with it.

Add it to acrylic paint to give it added sticking power (and a glossy shine) when painting metals

Don't want a knot/bow in a piece of ribbon or fiber to keep slipping out? Add a dot of liquid glass on the back - it dries clear, rarely (if ever) discolors, and holds like crazy!

Pound down a bottle cap, cut a photo down to size and put it inside the bottle cap, then cover with the glaze and let it harden. Love the look! Need to watch it though - sometimes the picture wants to 'float', you may want to temporarily adhere it with something else before you glaze over it. Use it to add glitter to a project.

Use them on My Stickease. Always start with a thin coat and then add additional coats until desired thickness.

Trace words with it!!!

Have you tried something with liquid glass that is not mentioned here? Leave a comment telling me what it is.

Z679 Liquid Glass You get 2 fl. oz. which lasts a long time. It is only $6.95. It is a great deal.

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